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The Palazzi family business was founded in 1987 when Gianni and his wife Adriana opened a clothing shop in Valle Seriana, more specifically in Pradalunga.
The business catered to an adult clientele, both men and women, with products of good quality with low prices.
Gianni immediately realized that business in that town with very few inhabitants would have been difficult and just a few years later, he decided to move to the nearby town of Albino.
The next big step, in 1994, was a move to much larger premises with greater visibility due to the 8 display windows and a strategic position.
In those years, sons Simone and Giorgio as well as 3 collaborators entered the business which continued for several years without any particular difficulties.
In the new millennium, it became necessary to offer good quality products that were also recognized by their customers. Thus they began inserting leading clothing brands in their business.
The look of the retail store underwent a number of restylings in these years, as well as brands which were continuously changed, out of a constant search for products, quality and price.
After a period of deep economic crisis, in 2010, Gianni decided to change the store’s image to create a new “container” for his products and receive customers in elegant, refined and comfortable surroundings.

Renovation work started in August and in September the store reopened to the complete satisfaction of Gianni, Adriana and sons Simone and Giorgio.
From 2010 to the present, the business has continued with good results winning us the esteem of our customers. We are constantly searching for quality products, new trends