Free shipping on orders over € 200,00
Free shipping on orders over € 200,00
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Limits of responsibility - warranty exclusion
Applicable law and jurisdiction

General Sales Conditions
Products purchased at WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT are sold directly by Palazzi Srl, a corporation under Italian law, with registered office in Viale della Libertà, 16 24021 Albino (Bergamo), registered at the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce with no. 353393, Tax/VAT code 03147580165. The presentation and sales of products at WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT are regulated by these General Sales Conditions.
General Sales Conditions may be periodically updated; those published at WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT are to be considered effective and binding, accepted at check out.
Please read the sales terms and conditions before proceeding to purchase.
Purchase methods
You will find a description sheet for each product selected with a photograph and essential features, as an illustration: the colour, the size, the unit price.
The photographs and colours of the products for sale on WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT may possibly not correspond to the actual ones due to the internet browser and/or monitor used. WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT therefore shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies due to a particular computer configuration or its malfunction.
For further information on products contact our Customer Service at this e-mail address:

Product availability
The products for sale and their prices are those indicated at
If, at the moment of placing an order, the products are not available, the corresponding size is not displayed.
If the ordered product is no longer available due to simultaneous purchases made by several customers, an e-mail will be sent cancelling the order.

Price of product
The price of each article is indicated in Euros: taxes included (VAT), shipping charges excluded for countries in the European Union. Taxes excluded (VAT), shipping charges excluded for countries outside the European Union.
The cost of shipping and any customs charges will be indicated before payment and calculated according to the destination of the merchandise. (Shipping methods)

Placing a purchase order implies knowledge of these general sales conditions and their unconditional acceptance.
Orders can be placed after registration and/or creation of the Customer’s personal account (registration is free). Please read the Privacy Police and Sales Terms and Conditions carefully. You must follow the steps and instruction indicated on the website to fill out orders. Products for sale on WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT can be purchased by consumers/customers who are of legal age acting on their own behalf.
Palazzi S.r.l reserves the right to evaluate acceptance of the orders received.
Palazzi S.r.l will send an e-mail to the customer communicating that the order it has received cannot be accepted.
Order confirmation
At the moment the purchase has been completed, the Customer will receive written confirmation of the product ordered, the amount to pay, itemizing the price of the product and shipping charges and any customs charges for countries outside the EU.
Palazzi S.r.l will send a subsequent e-mail confirmation for the order with the relative delivery time of the product.
Payment methods
Orders are paid exclusively in Euros.
Palazzi S.r.l accepts payments made with the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro. The ordered product continues to be property of Palazzi S.r.l until the relative amount has been entirely collected. It also accepts payment by bank transfer and cash on delivery.

The amount of the cash on delivery order is calculated automatically once the payment method has been selected when ordering. If you decide to pay cash on delivery, it is important that you prepare the exact amount of the order in cash (the total amount is indicated), as the deliverer does not dispense change.
It is not possible to pay cash on delivery: for orders over 700 euros, for orders where “gift card and wrap” services are requested to be shipped to a different address.

You must inform us by e-mail within 24 hours of the payment made by bank transfer.

Shipping Methods
Information on shipping methods, costs and any customs charges are indicated at the moment of purchase. The cost of shipping and customs charges are at the customer’s expense and are deducted from the credit and debit card at the moment of purchase.
Shipping costs
All purchases with addresses in Italy are shipped by the carrier SDA. Deliveries cannot be made to post office boxes.

Shipping costs for different amounts are indicated on the following chart:

All orders are delivered by carrier SDA from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The carrier will ask for the recipient’s signature when delivery is made as acknowledgement of receipt.
Once the articles have been shipped, the delivery address cannot be changed.

Delivery zones
Products will be delivered to the address requested by the Customer (deliveries are not made to post office boxes).
Delivery times
From the moment the order is received, product delivery time is the following:

Other destinations

2 - 3 working days
2 - 3 working days
3 - 4 working days

Deliveries are carried out and guaranteed by SDA.
All orders are delivered by carrier SDA from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The carrier will ask for the recipient’s signature when delivery is made as acknowledgement of receipt.
The Customer must supply a valid address where the merchandise can be delivered during delivery hours. Any change of address should be communicated promptly. Once the articles have been shipped, the delivery address cannot be changed.

At the moment of shipping, Palazzi S.r.l will send the Customer an e-mail with the shipping number. Products may also be delivered in partial shippings: in this event, only the amount of the shipped products and the cost of the single shipping will be charged. An e-mail will be sent in the event of a partial shipping. Shipping delays of more than 10 (ten) working days must be promptly reported to our Customer Service, and within 30 (thirty) calendar days from order confirmation, regardless.
Shipping status
Customers can follow the status of their shipment at WWW.SDA.IT entering the shipping number.
The web page shows the exact and updated progress of the shipping.
Receiving merchandise
The carrier will ask for the recipient’s signature when delivery is made as acknowledgement of receipt to ensure the security of shipping; if this is not possible, the merchandise will not be delivered.
If the exterior of the package appears imperfect at the moment of delivery, the Customer must open the package in front of the delivery person. We recommend that you check the merchandise at the moment of delivery and make sure the quantity of products delivered corresponds to what has been ordered, and that the packaging appears intact, not damaged or altered. Any irregularities must be written on the carrier’s delivery note.
Any problems with delivery must be reported promptly to our Customer Service and within 30 (thirty) calendar days from order confirmation, regardless.
All shipped parcels are ensured against theft/loss and damage from the moment they are entrusted to the Carrier for shipping, up to delivery to the recipient.
If the packaging appears damaged at delivery, we recommend that you refuse the merchandise or write on the delivery note that you are accepting a damaged package.
Once the merchandise has been delivered to the indicated address and collected, it is no longer insured.
Returns and Exchanges
If you are unsatisfied with the products, you can ask for a reimbursement or exchange.
Conditions for exchanges and returns are the following:
Returns Procedure
Purchased merchandise can be returned within 14 days of the delivery date.
Returns made after the indicated term will be accepted exclusively at the discretion of Palazzi S.r.l.. Palazzi S.r.l will reimburse the entire cost of products returned by the Customer provided they are accompanied by the return authorization issued by Palazzi S.r.l.. The reimbursement, excluding shipping charges, is then credited to the same credit and debit card used for the purchase or the bank account used for the bank transfer.
In order to carry out the return procedure, you must send an e-mail to to obtain a return authorization number (RMA – Returns Merchandise Authorization).
To make the return, wait for the return authorization issued by Palazzi S.r.l.

Insert the e-mail with the return authorization inside the package.
Palazzi S.r.l will send a prefilled sheet with the return authorization with the mailing address to be applied on the package.
Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. A return will be accepted only if the procedure indicated in this paragraph is followed.
Products must be returned in their original packaging to ensure they are not damaged in shipping.
The return of a product is paid according to the costs applied by the designated carrier.
Contact customer service for returns.
Once the pro forma invoice has been filled out, contact SDA to book a collection of goods.
The package must be given closed to the carrier.
Palazzi S.r.l will send a confirmation e-mail indicating the returned goods have been received and the reimbursement procedure has been activated. The price of the returned products will be reimbursed within 15 days from the date in which Palazzi S.r.l receives the returned product in the indicated conditions.
Return Conditions
Products to be returned must not be worn, used and damaged. They must still have all the original tags and safety seals intact.
Shoes must be tried on a carpet and returned in the original box, which is an integral part of the product. Shoes returned without a box or in a damaged box may be refused and sent back to the Customer.
If a label appears to have been removed or garments crumpled, the return will not be accepted and will be sent back to the Customer.
Returns that do not meet the requested conditions will not be accepted.
The return must be addressed to: Palazzi Abbigliamento-Viale della Libertà, 16-24021 Albino (BG).
Refer to paragraph “Returns Procedure” to return an article.
A purchased product can only be exchanged with a similar one of a different size within 14 days of the delivery date and under the condition that it is available.
Exchanges requested after the indicated term will be accepted exclusively at the discretion of Palazzi S.r.l.
To exchange the article, you must send an e-mail requesting an exchange to To exchange the article, wait for the exchange authorization issued by Palazzi S.r.l.. Unauthorized exchanges will not be accepted. Please refer to the procedures indicated in paragraph “Returns Procedures”.
Shipping charges must be paid in order to return the product.
Returning the product means that shipping charges must be paid.
Indicate the new size, observing the conditions found in the returns procedure.
If you would like to exchange it with another article, we recommend you ask for a reimbursement and proceed to make a new purchase separately.
The replacement product will be sent to the Customer by carrier without further shipping costs.
Customers who are unsatisfied with a product they have received can return it within 14 days from the delivery date.
Please refer to the same procedures for product redelivery found in the Returns/Exchanges paragraph.
The price of returned products will be reimbursed within 15 working days from the date in which Palazzi S.r.l receives the returned product in the indicated conditions.
The amount will be re-credited on the same credit and debit card used by the Customer for payment, reducing the shipping costs. Customs charges and sales tax cannot be reimbursed for orders made outside the EU.
Legal notes and conditions of use
WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT is managed by Palazzi S.r.l.
Access to and use of this website presupposes the user had read, understood and accepted these General Conditions and Privacy Policy. Palazzi S.r.l may update at any time the General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
By using WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT, the user accepts the Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy, as published on the website.
The governing Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy can be consulted at any time by simply clicking on “Sales Conditions” or “Privacy” on the menu at the bottom of the page.
Security and personal data
Palazzi S.r.l has adopted appropriate security measures to protect personal data and information you have provided against unlawful access or usage.
Banking data is not registered nor retained on the WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website, but filed in a secure database belonging to the bank used by Palazzi S.r.l and which appears on the page of the transaction exclusively for business transaction purposes.
Although Palazzi S.r.l has adopted all the possible precautions to ensure the security of personal data, do bear in mind that sending data over the internet is never completely secure. Any information transmitted online could be captured and used by subjects different from those to whom it was directed. The Privacy Policy (see “Privacy”) regulates the processing of personal data communicated to Palazzi S.r.l through the WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website. Palazzi S.r.l may amend, supplement and/or correct the Privacy Policy at any time; refer to the text in force in the dedicated “Privacy” section.
Intellectual Property
The entire contents of the WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website (illustrations, photographs, texts, graphics, descriptions, brands, images, videos) are the exclusive property of Palazzi S.r.l or have been licensed to it for use.
Reproduction, distribution, publication, diffusion, copying, modifying or selling the content of the WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website through any means, partially or totally, is forbidden. Material can only be printed for personal and not business use.
Limits of responsibility - warranty exclusion
The WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website may contain imperfections and Palazzi S.r.l does not guarantee they will be corrected.
The WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website and its contents are furnished “as is” and “according to availability”.
By using the website, the User bears the risks associated to such use and assumes full responsibility for any non-utilisation, loss of data and costs due to assistance and repairs to hardware and/or software used in relation to the website. The User also undertakes to not hold Palazzi S.r.l liable in any manner for damage derived from or caused by usage of the website or that which is relative to it.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
These Conditions are regulated by Italian law and are written in the Italian language.
In the event of litigation, the sole court of jurisdiction is that of Bergamo.
Palazzi S.r.lDisclosure statement on Online Privacy
By accessing the WWW.PALAZZIONWEB.IT website managed by Palazzi S.r.l or using its contents, you accept the terms in the Disclosure Statement on Online Privacy, as explained below. If you do not accept these terms, you are requested to not access the website and not use its contents.
Collection of personal information
As you carry out activities such as ordering products, downloading software or participating in contests, Palazzi S.r.l could ask you to furnish personal information by filling out and sending a specific form (electronic form).
You are completely free to accept or refuse this request. If you decide to join, Palazzi S.r.l could ask you to furnish personal and/or corporate information and other data which identifies you.
Palazzi S.r.l gathers this information, then registers it to allow you to participate in activities of your choice. If you order a product, for example, the information is used to register the license and the right, where provided for, to make use of technical support or other advantages that might be offered to registered users.
Palazzi S.r.l will use the information you furnish to keep you updated on special offers and other products and services provided by Palazzi S.r.l.
Palazzi S.r.l acknowledges and attributes great value to responsible use of this information.
Palazzi S.r.l will scrupulously follow your indications.